Yammer has been moved under Office 365 and there are different ways to integrate it in SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premise. Below are different ways to integrate yammer in SharePoint Online and on-premise

  • We can use the remote provisioning pattern to create Yammer groups or Topic feeds to facilitate conversations when you create new SharePoint sites.
  • We can use the out-of-the-box embed functionality to quickly and easily integrate Yammer with SharePoint. Embed a Yammer feed(my favorite) into a SharePoint site:
    • Group feed: Group feed shows the latest conversations for a specific Yammer group.
    • My Feed / User Feed: As the name shows that these are user specific feeds and all items relevant to current user (my feed) or specific user (User Feed). All the user specific feed updates will be shown
    • Topic Feed: It’s a feed which is tagged on a specific topic
  • We can use the OpenGraph API and/or Yammer REST API with Yammer SDKs to create customized integration functionality.
  • Yammer app: Yammer app for SharePoint has been deprecated, and Yammer embed is the alternate solution to integrate in SharePoint.

If you having different credentials for Yammer and SharePoint (may be in case of SharePoint on-premise), for single-sing-on you need to do little development using Yammer SDK. Develop a custom component using Yammer SDK which can save user token for single-sign-on. Check below links for more detail.

Useful Links:

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