SharePoint online modern ui came with a rich set of web parts which can only be used on modern UI pages. The modern ui web parts are very flexible and easy to use and configure. We are used to develop custom web parts using server side and client-side scripting languages for years which can support modern web standards and user-friendly interfaces.

Below is a list of web parts available in SharePoint online modern UI:

Hero Hero web part gives an interactive way for presenting news, announcements, images as tiles with couple of different of layouts
Text Enter free text here, and can add some formatting
Image Add image on the page from SharePoint or from your local drive.
File Viewer Can add a file to the page.
Link Use to add links on the page
Embed Embed content from different web sites like yourtube video.
Highlighted Content Use to add dynamic content based on content type, filtering or search string
Bing Maps Use this to drop bing map, add the location and it will add the location map.
Divider Insert a line between other web parts
Document library Display document library content and user can customize it
Events Shows upcoming events on the page and can also show event location map.
Group Calendar Available in office 365 groups which lists group events
Microsoft Forms Used to create survey, pools and quiz on the page.
Image Gallery Share collections of pictures on the page
List Used to add list content on the page, you can customize the out through web part properties
News Can add interesting stories using news feature on the page
Office 365Video Display video from office 365 video portal
People You can display selected group of people and their profile on the page
Power BI It allows to embed Power BI reports on the page
Quick Chart Allows to add simple charts on the page, Add data points and labels and select the chart type to be displayed
Quick Links Can pin items on the page for quick access
Site Activity This web part shows the activities on the site from different users which include add/edit documents, creation of new list and libraries etc.
Stream Allows you to display video for your organization stream video portal
Recent Documents Display recently added or modified documents on the site
Sites Site web part allows users to show the logged in user’s current sites or you can also customize it to show specific sites
Yammer Can embed yammer conversations on the page
Weather Can show current weather on your page
Code Snippet Allows user to add code on page as text

SharePoint online Modern UI Web parts

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