Migrating large files to SharePoint online or OneDrive was a challenge in past and users were allowed to upload only 14 GB of Max file size. At the start of 2020, Microsoft have enabled 100 GB file size and recently they have allowed 250 GB file size for SharePoint Document library and OneDrive. You can find more details at SharePoint Online Limits.


Few weeks back we got a migration assignment from File Share to move content to SharePoint but couple of file sizes were around 40 GB to 60 GB,. We were using a 3rd party migration tool and seems to be simple but when we started the migration jobs, it has taken few days to complete (yes Days). I thought this could be because of the file size. But that was not scenario, when I looked to the system logs and did some deep dive to understand why it taking too much time, the issue was that migration tool was get stuck and restarting the migration job after some time again for that file. There could be different reasons for it getting failed but it has taken too much time.

Best Practice

The best option for migrating or uploading large files on SharePoint is using OneDrive sync client, the browser upload is not recommended and it could stuck the browser because of the file size and network bandwidth. Sync your SharPoint document library to the local machine where you have the large files, and copy files manually to that local folder, the OneDrive sync client will automatically upload the file to the SharePoint Document library and from their you can move or copy the file to any location like any other document library or OneDrive to share the content with the Team.

Why I am Recommending the OneDrive Sync Client

I highly recommending the OneDrive Sync client for large file upload because in my scenario, I was able copy files upto to 60 GB in 20 to 30 minutes without any issue which was getting stuck with the  migration tool and moved the file to the required location using document library move functionality.

I have tested the same with other migration tools but was unable to copy files. I am a big fan of 3rd party migration tool as they help me a lot in large migrations and hopefully, they have already taken workarounds for large file migrations.


If you upload a file over 100 GB to a SharePoint Document library, it will be uploaded but you can not move/copy to any other folder within SharePoint as it’s a limit of document library which do not allow move/copy functionality of files larger then 100 GB.  One more thing is the file created and creator properties will be changed but you can update those using PowerShell script.

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