I feel quite happy to share the news that I received an email on 1st April, 2015 (No April Fool -:) ) stating “Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2015 Microsoft® MVP Award! “. That email made my day as I received it for the very first time, and its an amazing experience.


Thanks to Al-Mighty Allah for His blessings on me, I would like to thank MIC Pakistan specially Mr. Tahir Masood, Usman Ur Reman and Zehgam Ikram Butt for nominating me for MVP title. I received this award on my community contribution on Technet forums, code & gallery contribution, speaking to local and internal conferences.

I would like to share this with my friends who are with me during all this tenure specially Asad Ullah Chodhary and Atif Hussain who are my inspirations and they helped me to groom technically when I was quite new in the field.

I started participating in tech events with Microsoft Innovation Center and Tech UGs since 2007,  I will keep sharing and posting to the community on my blog and technical forums.

Adnan is six time Microsoft MVP (Since 2015) with over 16 years of extensive experience with major expertise on SharePoint, SharePoint based development, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, .Net Platform and Microsoft BI. He is currently working Sr Microsoft Consultant at Olive + Goose. He is MCT Regional Lead for Pakistan Chapter since 2012. He is working on SharePoint for past 12 years and worked on different intranet/intranet solutions for private & govt. sector majorly in United states and Gulf region and have experience of working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is a trainer, technology evangelist and also speaks in community forums.

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One reply on “My first MVP Award!”

  • Atif Hussain
    April 7, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Dear Adnan,

    Many many congratulations, it totally about you that how you worked hard and how you took challenges and finally got this award, I would like to wish you all the best wishes in your carrier and its not an end but just beginning.

    Muhammad Atif Hussain
    MCT – MVP