You can create a new SharePoint list from your existing excel sheet by the app template “Import Spreadsheet”, select the option and import the excel sheet. This will not only create the list with all the columns listed in the excel sheet but will also copy all the data. You can change the column types later.

Create SharePoint List from excel not showing

Creating a list from an Excel spreadsheet is not available in the GCC High and DoD environments. Recently I have noticed an issue that when trying to create a list from Excel to in a SharePoint site.

If you can’t see the Import Spreadsheet app template, you can access it directly through URL. <sitr url>/_layouts/15/addanapp.aspx.

It will show the Add an app page. Search for “spreadsheet” you will get the template and from search result page, select Spreadsheet. For GCC high you can try using Internet explorer for Importing excel to SharePoint list because you that page would require activeX control.

One more option is that you can do the same operation by creating a table in excel and then under the design tab choosing export to SharePoint list to get the same result.

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