I have created a React based SPFX project and will show you how to bind a dropdown control to code, in this scenario I am filling the data from choice column values from a SharePoint list.

You need to import Dropdown and IDropdownOption from office-ui-fabric-react in the .tsx file of your spfx web part which is also know a functional logic file. Use below snippet.

import {
  Dropdown, IDropdownOption,
} from 'office-ui-fabric-react';

You can also bind dropdown control to retrieve data from multiple lists or can also multiple dropdown controls for creating a cascading logic. I have created a StatusDropdownOption array object using IDropdownOption interface.

Retrieve values form Column Field

Below is a small code logic which I have written to retrieve data from choice field. I am using the Issue Tracker list’s Status column and for binding the dropdown control

private StatusDropdownOption: IDropdownOption[] = [];

constructor(props:IDemoProps,state: IState)
    this.BindDropdown = this.BindDropdown.bind(this);
    this.onStatusChanged = this.onStatusChanged.bind(this);
    this.state ={      

  public async GetChoiceFieldOptions( listId: string, fieldInternalName: string ): Promise<{ key: string, text: string }[]> {
    let fieldOptions: { key: string, text: string }[] = [];
    try {   
       const results = await sp.web.lists.getById(listId)
        .select("Title", "InternalName", "Choices")
      if (results && results.Choices.length > 0) {
        for (const option of results.Choices) {
            key: option,
            text: option
    } catch (error) {
      return Promise.reject(error);
    return fieldOptions;

  private async BindDropdown() {      
   this.StatusDropdownOption = await this.GetChoiceFieldOptions( this.props.listId, "Status");
public async  componentDidMount(){
    await this.BindDropdown();     

I have used a function BindDropdown because if I need to add more dropdown controls, I can use the same function. I also have used constructor of the class to the function/event bindings.

Binding the Dropdown control       

Below is the syntax for binding the dropdown control:

                placeholder={'Select Status'} 
                onChange={this.onStatusChanged} />

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