SQL Server from Microsoft is one of the best and vastly used relational database management system. This application can be used to organize and maintain data. To deal with this powerful application proficiency and experienced are required in Every database administrator. With lots of perks on one side, the SQL database can be corrupted due to various reasons.

In such situations, SQL DBA’s tried to restore SQL database from backups. But What if you don’t have the backups available? So, in that case, the user can take the help of SQL File Recovery Software to resolve the corruption problems related to MDF / NDF files.

So in the upcoming segment, we are going to discuss situations when the user wants to Restore SQL database from backups. Also, we will discuss how to restore SQL database from backup In single-user mode. Before proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss the situations.

Need To Restore SQL Database From Backup

Here are the situations when you need to restore SQL database from backups.

1. If your SQL database gets damaged.

2. If the SQL database is accidentally deleted.

3. Due to the abrupt shutdown, power surges related issues.

4. Storage device failure.

5. SQL Data loss issues due to virus or malware infection.

Know-How to Restore SQL Database From Backups In Single User Mode

Note: Before moving to the restoring process, The user has to put the SQL database in single-user mode. Databases are set to single-user mode because so that only when the user can access the database at a time. Here are the steps to follow to Restore SQL database from backups.

1. First Put the SQL database in Single User Mode

Follow the command below to put the database in single-user mode


Executing the ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE command doesn’t wait for the transaction to complete. This will roll back the incomplete transactions immediately.

2. Now Execute the Restore Command

Once the user sets the database to single-user mode, After that the user can run the restore command

RESTORE DATABASE <your database name>

FROM DISK=’Backup location\yourbackup file.BAK

3. After Put the database in the Multiuser Mode

Once the user is done with the restoring of the SQL database, the user can put the SQL database to multiuser mode. To put the SQL database in the multiuser mode, the user can input the following command.


What To Do, In Case If The Restoration Process Failed

If you won’t be able to perform the restoration process then there are chances that your backup file is corrupted. So, in that case, the user can take the help of SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Software, This is a standalone utility which helps the user to recover corrupt .bak file of SQL database. Also with the help of this application, the user can directly export the SQL database. Here are the salient features of this application.

1. Helps to Preview SQL database tables, views, procedure, functions, etc

2. Supports to repair corrupt SQL backup file.

3. Auto-detects feature to detect the SQL Server version.

4. Supports SQL Bak file 2017 and its below version.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed how to restore SQL database from backup in single-user mode. Also, we have discussed the situations in which the user tried to restore the SQL database. The user can try the manual way by putting the SQL database in the single-user mode, but in case if your bak file is corrupted then the user can take the help of an automated solution to resolve this issue.

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