SharePoint Server 2019 installation has dependencies on Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Active Driectory stores the user accounts and authenticate user accounts whereas SQL Server stores almost all of the configuration and content of a SharePoint farm.

Microsoft recommends using a minimal number of service accounts in the farm. This is to reduce memory usage and increase performance while maintaining the appropriate level of security. Below is the recommended list of user accounts required for installing a SharePoint server 2019 Farm:

Account Role Description
SQLService Domain user account Service account for the following SQL Server services:




SQLAdmin ·        Domain user account

·        Local Administrator on the SQL Server

SQL Admin on the SQL Server. It also needs Local Administrator rights to install the SQL server.
SPSetup ·        Domain user account

·        Local Administrator

·        Member of SQL Server roles:

o   Securityadmin

o   DBCreator

o   DBOwner


Setup SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard. During setup and configuration, SharePoint 2019 creates SQL databases.
SPFarm ·        Domain user account

·        Local Administrator

·        SecurityAdmin and DB_Creator rights on the SQL Instance


·        Configure and manage the server farm.

·        Run the Microsoft SharePoint Founda­tion Workflow Timer Service.

·        The application pool identity for Central Administration.

·        The process account for the SharePoint Timer Service.


SPAppliationPool ·        Domain user account Each web application runs inside an Internet Information Server (IIS) site, and an application pool runs each site.

I used standard naming conventions for the farm accounts, you can change the user names as per your organization user account policy.

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