OneDrive sync issue are quite common which stops content from syncing to from local drive to OneDrive and from OneDrive to local drive. There many resultions listed on different blog posts.


I have recently faced a strange issue where OneDrive for Business Sync client is not working for 3 users, they all syncing content from same document library, there were more users who were sync content from same document library but no issue for them. The sync client halts on few files and do not sync any other content from other libraries and User’s OneDrive.


We have taken multiple steps to troubleshoot the issue which are listed below:

  • Verified the sync client version for all users
  • Sync library on my laptop and it synced without any issue but now working on user’s machine
  • Stopped synced and start sync again from same library
  • Unlink the user account from OneDrive and sing in back but still having the same issue
  • Restarted the user machine
  • Executed the OneDrive reset using %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset but still having the same issue.


The issue resolution was quite simple and we should have done that as very first step during troubleshooting. We went to the document library of one of the user who having issue and followed the below steps

  • Stopped folder sync on the OneDrive client for the folder which causing issues
  • Synced the folder again from SharePoint document library and on the syncing screen we selected “Create a new folder” instead of User this folder.
  • And sync started working without any issue.

The actual issue was with some file which synced on local drives of the which got corrupted for unknow reason (no idea why) and every time when we have started sync it paused the whole sync process after syncing few files.

Below are few useful links to troubleshoot the OneDrive client syncing issue:

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