In SharePoint, we use custom client side script (jQuery) to load or submit content on a page, some time we also need to get few values from Query string. There are multiple ways of doing that, here I am going to share a function to which you just need to pass the query string field and it will return the value.

function getQueryStringParameterByName(parameterName) {
    parameterName = parameterName.replace(/[\[]/, "\\[").replace(/[\]]/, "\\]");
    var regex = new RegExp("[\\?&]" + parameterName + "=([^&#]*)"), results = regex.exec(;
    return results == null ? "" : decodeURIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, " "));

The function call is very simple. For example you on a page having URL

Now you have to get the List item id, you can the ID query string in above URL, simply call the function to get the specific query string.

var itemId = getQueryStringParameterByName('ID');
Console.log('Item ID: ' + itemId)
alert('Item ID: ' + itemId)


Adnan is six time Microsoft MVP (Since 2015) with over 16 years of extensive experience with major expertise on SharePoint, SharePoint based development, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, .Net Platform and Microsoft BI. He is currently working Sr Microsoft Consultant at Olive + Goose. He is MCT Regional Lead for Pakistan Chapter since 2012. He is working on SharePoint for past 12 years and worked on different intranet/intranet solutions for private & govt. sector majorly in United states and Gulf region and have experience of working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is a trainer, technology evangelist and also speaks in community forums.

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