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SQL Server database is undoubtedly one of the most popular solutions for relational DB management. Organizations of all sizes worldwide use SQL database to store and manage their business-critical data. However, this database is not free from bugs and got many security glitches. Therefore, SQL Server database can become victim of hacking attacks that may result in a large amount of data theft and data loss.

When it comes to protecting SQL database, database admins have to be cautious. Since unprotected SQL databases are the soft targets for the hackers, DBAs take proper preventive measures to safeguard the database. One of the approaches to secure the database is encrypting the database. Once the database objects have been encrypted, no one can access the data without decrypting it.

So we can see that database decryption is equally important as database encryption. Sadly enough, many users have no clue how to decrypt SQL database stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, etc., objects. For them, we are going to describe a complete solution for decrypting SQL database objects. Using this all-in-one approach, users can effortlessly decrypt all the encrypted database objects. Before that, let’s find out about database encryption and decryption in brief.

What is SQL Database Encryption and Decryption

Starting from SQL Server 2005 version, users can encrypt their database in order to strengthen the data security by protecting it from any unauthorized access. With encryption, the data of the database become incomprehensible. Before decrypting, no one can access the database. During the process of decryption, the database encryption is removed with the help of encryption key or third-party applications. Both encryption and decryption are significant for SQL users who want to ensure their database.

Decrypting SQL Server Database Objects – Step-by-Step

In every SQL database, there are different objects. In order to decrypt the database objects manually, users have to use different scripts. Since it takes a lot of time to execute the scripts and the whole process is surely a complex one, not everyone can perform it. But we bring you a short and simple method that anyone can implement. Using SysTools SQL Decryptor Tool, users can decrypt all the database objects like views, triggers, functions, stored procedures, etc. without any trouble. If you are interested in decrypting SQL Server database objects, here is the detailed instruction for you.

  • Start SQL Decryptor Application and click on Start.

  • Connect to SQL Server page will appear that will automatically fetch the connected Server name that you need to select from the drop-down list. If it does not fetch, you need to enter the Server name manually.


  • Choose the Login mode. In absence of user credentials required for SQL Server Authentication, you can always choose Windows Authentication at this stage.

  • Click on Drop down button to fetch the database name.

  • All the encrypted objects of that database will be previewed on the page.Users can have a look on the preview and select the objects they need from various views, triggers, stored procedures, and functions.
  •  To move the decrypted database into a Live SQL Server, choose the option “SQL Server” option. If you do not want to export it to any live Server instance, select “SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts” to save the decrypted SQL Server database objects in script format.Choose Output modes: Without Encryption or With Encryption. User need to add Database name. to fetch data in it.Click on Export button


Encryption of SQL database views, functions, triggers, and stored procedures is a great way to protect the database from the hackers, especially when there is a requirement of transferring the database. In this blog, we have described the ultimate method of decrypting SQL Server database objects. With the help of SQL Decryptor software, users can decrypt their database objects in a short time and without any complexity.

FAQs Regarding SQL Decryptor

Q. 1: I do not want to decrypt my entire database, rather some selective views and functions, Can I do that using SQL Decryptor?

Ans: Yes, the software allows users to select partial data from all the encrypted objects. All you have to do is to check the boxes beside the required items.

Q. 2: Is there any prerequisite that I have to meet before using this tool? I want to make sure before purchasing it.

Ans: There are two basic pre requirements of this application: Dedicated Admin Connection (DAC) should be enabled and Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 should be present. Also, Windows 10, 8.1, 7, or Vista users should “Run as Administrator“.

Q. 3: I use SQL Server 2019 version and looking for a tool that can decrypt database stored procedure of the latest SQL instance version. Does this application support the latest SQL versions?

Ans: Yes, the SQL Database Decryptor utility is compatible with all the latest version of SQL Server including 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000.

Q. 4: I am confused between Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. Can you tell the difference between these two?

Ans: If users choose SQL Server Authentication as their Login Mode, they have to enter SQL Server credentials (username and password). In case of Windows Authentication, users do not have to enter any other info.

Q. 5: Is there any trial version available for this application?

Ans: Yes, users can download the free trial/ demo version of SQL Decryptor from the official website. After being satisfied with the performance, they can purchase the full version.

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