Good news for the Office 365 users, Microsoft has just declared the new updates for SharePoint news. This update is designed for creating relevant, content-rich news article in Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft will soon add a “Create news” option to the SharePoint home in Office 365. Thus, SharePoint users will soon be able to create a news post from a centralized starting point. Moreover, this feature will allow the users to easily create dynamic news items and choose the desired site to publish them. Microsoft will also introduce a new integration between SharePoint and Microsoft teams. By this, it will become easy to share the important news among the team members or other communication sites. After creating a news in SharePoint, users will be able to perform various tasks that are discussed below:

  1. Create news for Office 365 SharePoint home
  2. Add pages and news article to channels
  3. Automatically post team news into SharePoint Teams site
  4. Create & share informative email news feed
  5. Measure the impact and engagement of news articles

Create News for Office 365 SharePoint Home

SharePoint news is the best way to create magnetic updates throughout the organization. And, now enterprise can do it more than this from a centralized starting point. Users only need to open the SharePoint home and just click on Create News. Also, a user can select the desired location where the news will publish, from a list of several followed sites. Once the site has been selected, it directly provides the news authoring canvas for the selected site. Now, provide a name, add the content, and start making the news.


Add Pages and News Articles to channels

Now, users will be able to add a page or news to a channel of their choice on Microsoft Teams. After creating a news, share this with colleagues that already connect and collaborate. By this, users can thoroughly interact with the content. It includes sorting and views for lists, filtering reports within the web part of Power BI and watching the video on the Microsoft Stream web part.

A user just needs to click on add a tab, then select SharePoint tab. After that, select the news or page, choose if a user wants to post to a channel about this tab, and click Save. If the team creates and share the bulk of news, then a news archive option will be added as a tab. From the news archive, an admin can see all of the news posted by its team.

Important Note: For adding a tab, there will be two SharePoint-oriented tabs. The first one is SharePoint Document libraries and another one for SharePoint page and news. Always remember, to add a list, grab the URL and use the website tab.

Automatically Post Team News into SharePoint Teams Site

By this option, Office 365 users can also publish news articles with its SharePoint team automatically. Apart from this, every article creates a conversation with the associated Microsoft Teams channel. To do that, Teams admin will have to configure the SharePoint News connector in a Microsoft Teams channel. For adding a connector, just right-click any Microsoft Teams channel. After that, click on Connectors and then add SharePoint News.

Create & Share Informative Email News Feed

Office 365 users can spread the news article to their peers via Outlook. And to keep things compact, merge news articles into one, auto-formatted email news. To achieve this, select the specific news items from the list of articles. After that, add members or groups, then add a message and click Send. The email message will appear with clear text (or images) with the link to the news article in SharePoint.

Measure the Impact & Engagement of News Articles

In this, a user can analyze the full status of news articles and pages like Site usage page. At the bottom of news article or SharePoint page, the full information regarding the content is available. The information includes like, comment, number of views, etc. Furthermore, in the information section, a user can read the feedback and also engage with the audience.

Well, this new feature will provide benefits to Office 365 SharePoint users in an effective way. Microsoft says that this new integration will be rolling out to Targeted Release users throughout the upcoming week. The full availability of this update is supposed to be in May 2018. Hope! This article will help to understand the latest updates in SharePoint in a clear way.

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