Do you want to repair the corrupt SharePoint database file? Then, your research has been done as we come up with a trustworthy solution to fix corrupt SharePoint database. Read more about the SharePoint Database Repair Tool which helps to recover SharePoint database with an ease.

Many times users try to access SharePoint database but they face certain issues while accessing it. although, sometimes users are unable to access SharePoint database due to corruption issues. Thus, users need to search various methods for fixing SharePoint file corruption issue. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss a simple and reliable solution that will help to repair corrupt Sharepoint database files. Before that let us explore some reasons behind SharePoint file corruption in detail.

Reasons For SharePoint Database Corruption

There are various reasons which can cause corruption in SharePoint Server. Here, we are going to discuss some factors due to which file corruption occurs:

  • SharePoint database becomes corrupt due to virus attacks/ infection.
  • Serious corruption issues tend to occur due to hardware failures.
  • The bug that exists in SharePoint due to which .mdf file gets corrupted
  • Bad sector in storage media & maximization of SQL storage space
  • Deletion of all Log Files may also cause corruption in MDF files
  • Deletion of SharePoint web portals accidentally.

Automated Solution to Fix Corrupt SharePoint Database

Once the SharePoint content database gets corrupted, then it is quite difficult to recover it back. In more cases, full backups or data recovery is not beneficial to get back the inaccessible object from SQL server. Thus, users search for a trusted third party tool. One such application is SysTools SharePoint Recovery Tool. It is designed in such a way as to recover SharePoint database Functions, Triggers, Rules, Lists, Documents and so on. It is capable enough to export and repair corrupt SharePoint database without any trouble. It has the user-friendly interface that even a novice user can use it without taking any external help. Some of the most interesting features are listed below:

1. Repair SharePoint Database File
This application permits a user to repair corrupt SharePoint database files from severe corruption issues. It can also restore all the documents, lists, workflow state, permissions, custom views, metadata, etc.; present in SharePoint database. It helps to resolve corruption issues caused due to Virus attack, Trojan infection, etc.

2. Show Complete Recovery Report
SharePoint database recovery tool is capable to scan entire SharePoint database. During this, users can view the summary report of the recovery process. This report will show all the details related to MDF files, i.e., Pages read, database name, count of tables, database version, stored procedures, views, Rules, Triggers, functions.

3. Export SharePoint Database File
Once the recovery of SharePoint database is done, the tool provides the option to transfer it in two different results:

  • Save in SQL Database: Users can directly export the retrieved SharePoint database into SQL Server. For this, all the SQL Server credentials are needed.
  • Extract SharePoint Documents: The SharePoint recovery tool can save all SharePoint documents in a new MDF file.

4. Move Selective Database Items
The SharePoint Repair software allows a user to check or uncheck items from the recovered database for exporting selective items. It will become easy for users to save a limited amount of data that is more important rather than needlessly saving them all.

5. Scan & Preview SharePoint MDF Files
In order to restore SharePoint database, the SharePoint recovery tool will perform a quick scanning of a file. After doing this, all items get listed so that users can preview them all with associated attributes. All the attributes that contain Site ID, Full URL, directory name, Parent Web ID, Leaf Name, etc.

6. Overcome Error Messages
Any type of error message appears while acquiring the SharePoint database is feasible to overcome with the software pane. Users can resolve following errors with the help of SharePoint recovery software:

  • “The list cannot be displayed in datasheet view”
  • “The file cannot be opened” and more”

Final Words

After considering several causes for SharePoint database corruption, we have discussed a commercial solution, i.e., SharePoint Recovery Tool. It is the best approach which helps to recover corrupt or damaged SharePoint database in a convenient way. Also, we have explained all the amazing features of the tool. In fact, users can rely on this software without ever giving it a second thought.

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