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5 Ways to Export SharePoint Data to SQL Server

May 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

SharePoint and SQL server both play important role in the business world as a database. Due to different reasons, SharePoint users often need to export their data to SQL Server. There are multiple methods available to migrate SharePoint list data to SQL Server. Many users complained about suffering from indecision while choosing the right method for the SharePoint to SQL migration. To help them get out of this problem, we will share 5 ways to export SharePoint data to SQL server. We will also tell you which method is the most suitable for users. Continue reading this post to know all these. Along with this, you can even try an automated solution like SysTools SharePoint database repair tool.

Methods of Export SharePoint List Data to SQL Server

In this section, we will know five methods to export SharePoint data to SQL Server. Let’s move on to know the methods.

Directly Accessing SharePoint Server

This is a tricky process to transfer SharePoint list data to SQL server. It is so because Microsoft does not support accessing SharePoint server database directly. So, if you do that and any issue occurs, no support will be available from Microsoft. After any modification in SharePoint, the schema may get altered also. This technique will give you incorrect reports in case of incorrect queries. Moreover, this process can be the cause of performance issues in SharePoint farm. Considering all these reasons, it is better not to apply this process.

Using SharePoint List Adapter and SSIS

There is another way to transfer data from SharePoint to SQL Server. Using SQL Server Integration Service and SharePoint List Adaptor the data migration is possible. However, it has some demerits too. This procedure is a complex one. Ordinary users will find it difficult to execute. Even setting up this process requires a significant amount of efforts from the user. This process is not completely compatible with SharePoint 2013, 2016, and Online. If users want to change the list schema, they have to make changes in SQL Schema as well as SSIS package. SharePoint List Adapter uses web services to connect to SharePoint, that is why the process is quite slow.

Using PowerShell and CSOM

In this method, the data transfer is done through scripts. Using PowerShell and SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint data can be fetched and translated before transferring it into SQL Server. This technique also allows you to scrutinize the fields and create SQL server tables. Before implementing this technique, users must remember that the method is not simple at all. It takes a lot of time to set up. In order to make the scripts and adjust them, users need to allocate more time. The generation and mapping of database schema also have to be managed by the users.

Using Excel Spreadsheet

We all know spreadsheet but many us do not know that it can also be used for SharePoint data migration. This is a two-step method to move data from SharePoint to SQL server. First of all, the data gets exported to an Excel file and then it is imported into the SQL server. Select Action option in SharePoint and export to excel file. Then use SQL Management Studio to open SQL server database and select the excel file to import. Thus, the data will get easily moved to SQL server. Document libraries, lists, survey results, all can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. Through this process, only the rows and columns present in the current list view can be migrated. Users have to create a new view if the current views do not contain necessary data.

Using SharePoint Recovery

Till this point, we have discussed several manual methods of exporting data from SharePoint to SQL server that are full of limitations. Most of them are time-consuming and difficult to implement. Users also need to be tech-savvy to execute the techniques. Now, there is an easy and quick solution to this issue and that is using SharePoint Recovery.

This software can easily transfer SharePoint data to SQL server. Before importing, the software allows previewing the data. Besides, if the SharePoint data is corrupt, the application will repair them before exporting. If users want, they can export particular items using selective export option. Users can easily migrate their SharePoint data to all versions of SQL Server including its 2016 version. Once the migration is done, a complete report is generated. All in all, this should be the preferable option for the users who want to move SharePoint data to SQL database.

Final Words

In this post, we have learned 5 ways to export SharePoint data to SQL Server. We have tried to specify advantage and disadvantages of all the methods so that users can decide which is best for them. As manual techniques are tough nuts to crack, it is always suggested by the professionals to use SharePoint Recovery Tool. It is easy to use and quickly transfers data from SharePoint to SQL server.


May 17, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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